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Top 3 K-Pop Female Idols To Be Chosen by Reporter as “Look Best in Real Life”

A reporter picked three top female idols who look best in real-life, and she indeed chose top-tier visuals idols!

TWICE Tzuyu, IZ*ONE Jang Won Young, and Jennie were mentioned as the top celebrities who are prettier in person than in pictures.

On Dec. 16, Wednesday, the Ten Live show was broadcasted on the official YouTube account of TenAsia, TVTen at 5 p.m. KST.

In the live stream show, one of the reporters from the said show namely Seo Ye Jin was then asked to pick the top 3 “Best Celebrities in Real Life.”

TenAsia Reporter Chose Tzuyu, Won Young and Jennie as “Best Idols in Real Life”

The reporter mentioned Tzuyu first, the main visual of the girl group TWICE.

Before explaining if why she picked the female idol, she praised the overall beauty of TWICE members that every ONCE (fandom of TWICE) can relate to.

She said, “TWICE has been gracing their perfect appearance since their debut.”

She added, “Tzuyu looks like a doll that can’t beauty can’t be fully captured on camera.”

The second star Seo Ye Jin mentioned is IZ*ONE’s Jang Won Young. The reporter mentioned her great proportion, which is truly praised by a lot.

Also, even if Won Young is the youngest member of the group, she is got the longest legs among the members, letting her shine more not only on stage but as well as to reporters.

She concluded her explanation by saying that Won Young’s excellent physical appearance can’t be achieved even with plastic surgery, as the young female idol is pretty even if the media photos of her were taken roughly.

Last, but definitely not least, the reporter selected BLACKPINK Jennie who she described, saying, “Jennie looks really special.”

She highlighted that her title “Human Chanel,” is not only a nickname, but she’s a “luxury” herself.

Reporter Seo said, “I took a picture of Jennie at the airport after a long flight,” adding, “She had her hair tied up and didn’t put on makeup, but she still shone.”

On the other hand, when asked by Hwang Young Jin, the host of the live show if “Who do you want to be born as if you were born again?” Seo replied, “Suzy,” drawing laughter.

TWICE Tzuyu, IZ*ONE’s Won Young, and BLACKPINK Jennie’s Global Visuals

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that media and fans acknowledge the unrivaled beauty of these three female artists.

On Dec. 17, TWICE Tzuyu didn’t fail to amaze K-pop enthusiasts with her goddess-like visuals as JYP Entertainment dropped her image teaser for their upcoming release on TWICE’s SNS accounts.

Tzuyu looks divine with her thorn of crowns, wrapping up her look with a mysterious look in her eyes.

In particular, TWICE is set to drop their new source sound, “Cry for Me” on Dec. 18 at 2 p.m. KST.

As for Won Young, a member of IZ*ONE, she and her members recently dropped their new track, “Panorama,” on Dec. 7. Fans continuously praised her all-rounder talents, as well as her more mature look in their recently released MV.

While Jennie, the main rapper of BLACKPINK and its co-members are consistently dominating the charts and records. Recently, Jennie also became a donation fairy for Choeaedol.

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Top 10 Idols With “Legendary” Press Pics That Look Like Professional Photo Shoots Uncovered By Netizens

There are some reasons that most K-Pop fans prefer fansite photos to press and media pics. After all, most Korean news outlets don’t pay much attention to lighting, angles, and all the other components that go into a stunning picture. However, in a recent trending Pann post, netizens uncovered that some idols have journalist photos that are simply “legendary”—here are the pics that made it into the list.

1. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Ilgan Sports took this photo of BLACKPINK’s Jennie in 2018 when she attended a pop-up store opening for Chanel—but it looks so stunning that you could almost mistake it for a Chanel magazine pictorial.

2. Jungkook (BTS)

All eyes were on BTS’s Jungkook when he appeared at The Fact Music Awards in a simple suit but handsome. In this photo taken by BNT International, he glowed like an angel in the sunshine.

3. Jin (BTS)

SPOTV News caught BTS’s Jin unaware in this snap from the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards red carpet, but fans say the press pic oozes royal billionaire vibes.

4. V (BTS)

The 2019 Fact Music Awards red carpet really transformed into a professional BTS photoshoot. Alongside Jungkook’s impressive press pics, Star News caught V striking a pose fit for a magazine cover.

5. Joy (Red Velvet)

This Global Economy photo of Red Velvet’s Joy at a 2019 Bvlgari perfume pop-up event will have you wondering how she’s even real, let alone how she looks so good in a press pic.

6. Yeri (Red Velvet)

Global Economy seems to have a knack for taking Red Velvet photos. This picture comes from Yeri’s high school graduation back in 2018, but if you take the school uniform out of the equation, that perfect smile could be part of a CF advertisement.

7. Jaehyun (NCT)

Is it possible to take a bad photo of NCT’s Jaehyun? Probably not, but this News1 pic from the Hope Donation Relay Campaign earlier this year is particularly incredible.

8. Yuna (ITZY)

Everything about this Sports Today photo of ITZY’s Yuna at the group’s debut showcase screams professional pictorial, from the angles to the hair to the beauty.

9. Ryujin (ITZY)

In reality, this debut era photo of ITZY’s Ryujin is a press picture from Ilgan Sports. However, take away the watermark, and you could easily mistake this for a magazine cover shot.

10. Suzy

Last but certainly not least, check out this photo of Suzy from Ilgan Sports. She looks so stunning, it’s almost impossible to believe it was snapped in the spur of the moment.