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BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has The Best Reaction When A BLINK Impersonates Jennie For Details On The Group’s Comeback

Jisoo can’t be fooled 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo may have hinted that her solo debut is coming soon, but she’s not giving any spoilers for the group’s highly anticipated comeback!

Visually analyzed imageBLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Last week, Jennie said that BLACKPINK is currently hard at work on their next comeback. Since then, BLINKs have been eager for any details on what the members are working on.

One Korean BLINK decided to take matters into her own hands because the members themselves haven’t shared any details about what their next comeback will be like. She pretended to be Jennie in a hilarious attempt to get Jisoo to give a hint about the comeback. The fan asked, “Jisoo unnie, it’s me Jennie. What was our song title again?”

Visually analyzed image| BLACKPINK/Weverse

Of course, Jisoo didn’t fall for it. She commented on the post and said, “Nice try.”

Visually analyzed imageThe funny BLINK likely knew that Jisoo wouldn’t fall for it, but we’re sure she made Jisoo laugh while letting her know just how desperate fans are for news about the comeback. Meanwhile, some fans have started speculating that “Nice Try” may actually be the title track of BLACKPINK’s next album!

Source: Koreaboo

Celebrity Couples Who Have Been Dating For A Long Time

‘Star Couple’ Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon recently tied the knot after four years of dating. The two started dating at the end of 2017 after meeting at Chung Ang University’s Theater and Film department. The two admitted that they were dating in March of 2018.

Just like Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon, various celebrity couples have been dating for many years who are receiving the spotlight as many fans are wondering if they will be tying the knot as well.

With the start of a new year, these celebrity couples are continuing their love and are receiving attention as to when they will get married. So here is the list of celebrity couples who have been dating for a while in the Korean entertainment industry.

Park Se Young and Kwak Jung Wook

Park Se Young and Kwak Jung Wook recently announced that they will be tying the knot after nine years of dating. The two announced through their agencies that they will be getting married this February. Park Se Young and Kwak Jung Wook announced their relationship back in 2013 and continued their steady relationship for nine years.

Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin

Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin met in 2015 after meeting at an advertisement filming. After reports speculating their dating relationship was made in 2015, the two quickly admitted to their relationship and continued their relationship for seven years. In particular, Shin Min Ah stayed by Kim Woo Bin’s side while he was fighting against cancer in 2017, receiving praise for her unchanging love.

Se7en and actress Lee Da Hae

When Se7en and Lee Da Hae admitted to their relationship in 2016, they were already dating for a year. The two were acquaintances of each other as they are both in the entertainment industry. They have been continuing their relationship for seven years and have been expressing their affection towards each other in public appearances.

Ma Dong Suk and Ye Jung Hwa

Ma Dong Suk and Ye Jung Hwa have been dating since 2016 and have been continuing their love for six years. Ma Dong Suk had often expressed his love for his girlfriend as he shared his marriage plans and mentioned her on multiple occasions.

Nam Goong Min and Jin Ah Reum

Nam Goong Min and Jin Ah Reum met at an independent film back in 2015 and grew their love for each other. After the film, the two became lovers and continues to grow their love. Even now, Nam Goong Min brings up his girlfriend in interviews showing his affection towards her.

Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung

Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung might be the most well-known long-term couple in the entertainment industry. The two have been dating for ten years after meeting in 2012. The two are receiving much love and support from fans as the two celebrities continue to share their love and affection through social media.

Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon

Lee Dong Hwi and Jung Ho Yeon have been dating for seven years since 2015. Soon after gaining immense popularity from ‘Reply 1988,’ Lee Dong Hwi admitted his relationship with model Jung Ho Yeon. The two have been sharing their relationship through social media as they upload various photos.

Dawn and HyunA

Dawn and HyunA might be K-pop’s favorite couple as they have been proudly sharing their relationship and love through social media. Back in 2018, the two announced their relationship and explained they have been dating for two years. Therefore, the two have been continuing to grow their love for six years.

Ryu Joon Yeol and Hyeri

Ryu Joon Yeol and Hyeri met in 2015 while filming the popular series ‘Reply 1988.’ The two shared their love during the film set and became lovers after the drama ended. The two continued to be spotted when going on dates.

Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin

Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin met in 2018 when Lee Sun Bin appeared as a special guest. She expressed that Lee Kwang Soo is her ideal type and continued to express her attraction to him. Soon they became lovers and continue their love until this day.

Yoon Hyun Bin and Baek Jin Hee

Yoon Hyun Bin and Baek Jin Hee began dating in 2016 after they appeared in the drama ‘My Daughter, Geum Da Wol’ together. They are continuing their love as they reveal their pets on social media and share photos showing how they are celebrating various commemorations together.

Hwang Bo Ra and Cha Hyun Woo

Hwang Bo Ra and Cha Hyun Woo met at church and have been dating since 2013. The two have been continuing their love for nearly ten years.

Source: Allkpop