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What sets us apart from the other news platforms out there, you ask?

Standard News is a multi-platform news and media company striving to provide you with the most trustworthy information available.

Our reporters are constantly asking questions, digging for answers and looking at the bigger, overarching picture behind a headline-worthy story. This is what sets us apart . We deliver more background information in our original pieces than any other site.

So many reporters today drown out the truth of their news articles, only presenting the information they believe people want to hear. This creates empty, biased, and narrow-minded stories – stories that are “front page” news one day and then archived and forgotten about the next.

We started asking ourselves where the stories went that were reported on months, or even years ago. Was there more to these stories? Is there information we are not being told? From these questions, Help Video came to reality.

We’re here to connect the missing pieces, to change what you pay attention to. We’re here to provide you with real, raw, and authentic stories that are worth your time.


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